3 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans

3 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans

facebook1How do I get more Facebook Fans? Has to be the number one question I get routinely asked. As business owners we get driven by numbers and as long as we remember we need to be targeting the Right fans then it really is a numbers game!

Why are facebook fans important? The more likes, comments, shares and engagement you have on your page, the more you get your fans talking about you then this will just multiply. Facebook can be the vehicle to creating your tribe shouting good things about you.

Also within facebook itself the more your page becomes a growing community, the more chance of getting seen and shared within facebook.

Facebook really is a viral marketing machine. The more likes you have the more likes you will get. If you see a page with thousands of like’s your impression is an expert brand and you are more likely to follow the masses.

How do you get more facebook fans then?

I would like to share with you three simple strategies that will super charge your facebook business pages right now so you can start getting more likes straight away.

#1 Engage your fans

Increase your engagement on your page and you will see your fans increase too.

It’s vital you get people talking about you, so get them engaged excited about you and your business.

Ask questions, interact, ask them to share and for their opinions.

Increasing your engagement, increases your chances of appearing in their news feeds so concentrate on increasing your likes, comments and shares get people energised!

#2 Add a Facebook Like box

facebook2Have you connected your website to your facebook page? If not put a facebook like box plugin on your site and see the traffic increase from your warm market the tribe that already know you.
It is really easy to set up and will build on your relationship with your current customers as is another way you can communicate with them

#3 Create a LIKE Ad it’s easy!

Creating a LIKE Ad is the easiest ad to set up, you can’t go wrong and is the fastest way for you to increase your facebook fans super fast!

You can target friends of friends which is a double wammy as is the cheapest way and also guarantees the quality too.

It is the cheapest ad to try and will increase the reach and impact your page has on facebook. So what you waiting for create a LIKE Ad in your niche.

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  • RMAU

    However, it’s not just about the quantity of Facebook Likes, it’s about the quality. You need to attract the right audience and engage them in ways that align to your business goals. Getting good results on Facebook involves equal parts common sense, understanding how Facebook works, and using free social media monitoring tools to help you fine-tune your page.


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