If you don’t learn this now you’ll hate yourself later…


  • Do you feel every time you invest in a course it’s out of date and ineffective?
  • Have Your Facebook Ads been rejected?
  • Are you frustrated you can’t get an answer to why your ads are rejected?
  • Have Facebook threatened you with sanctions or closed your advertising account?


Dear fellow seeker of success,


Picture if you will two scenarios

Two young people (for you are never too old to learn)

wanting more business, decide to turn to Facebook,

they heard you can make a lot of money that way.


Luke and John are about the same age,

they graduated at about the same time and

are both of above average intelligence.

Luke’s Wisdom


One beautiful summer’s day four years ago, Luke’s dreams were fulfilled.

He’d left a job in the city and returned to University to train to be a Chiropractor.

On the summer’s day in question he opened the doors to his own business determined to be a success.


Imagine Luke’s therapy room, walls painted light blue, therapy bed in the centre of the room, certificates on the walls.

The windows were thrown wide open to the beautiful day, Luke could feel the fresh breeze and hear the bird song.

He had the right mind-set for success.


If all you needed for success was joy, Luke would’ve made it that day.

However dear reader we all know that success takes a little more work than that!


Luke knew that he had to find clients if his business was going to blossom.

He’d heard that Facebook was a good place to start.

So he made a fan page and tried his hand at advertising,

he tried so hard to figure it all out.


It’s a familiar story my friend, so many of us have been there.

Facebook rejects ads, threaten to ban your account and there isn’t any engagement on your fan page.


Luke realized Facebook Marketing was a different world, with a different language

so he sought help and training to understand how Facebook works.


A few months further on Luke’s business is booming,

he’s built a community on FB and attracts so many people to his business.

Wise old Luke!


John’s Foolishness


It was late October when John finally left Scurten and Worthless Accountancy Firm,

the rain poured down and he was drenched by the time he reached his new offices.


Although he was delighted to be free of the everyday grind of other people’s rules

and build on his own experience,

John felt out of his depth when it came to attracting his own clients.


John thought though, how hard can it be? I’m an educated man,

I’ll slap up a few adverts on Facebook and Bob’s your uncle problem solved.


Like Luke, John built a fan page and nothing happened.

He paid for some adverts and FB rejected his efforts and banned his account.


John tried to find out why, so frustrating as we know dear reader,

but got absolutely nowhere.


John was determined to figure it out,

and I’m sure if he’d had the time he could’ve made it.


The truth was John didn’t understand,

Facebook Marketing is a dance, a language whose rules

you need to learn


If only John had invested in himself and his business

If only he’d bought a course like Anna Davidson Thawe’s

Unlimited Profits With Facebook


John is struggling now, just not enough clients for his accountancy business

Foolish John!


What Makes The Difference?


A famous old letter about the Wall Street Journal once posed this question

How do two young men from similar backgrounds, with similar education

and opportunities in life, have such dramatically different results?


The Wall Street Journal believed that the answer was having access to the right knowledge and being able to use it.

So what did Luke know that John didn’t?


  • Luke wanted everyone to love his business like he did, it would make him feel good and it would make him money. He discovered in his training that this could happen if people could find his Facebook page, he learned how to optimise it and people loved it.
  • He wanted to help people understand how good a Chiropractor could make them feel, so he learned to write great content for his page. Luke was so happy that fans were engaging with him.
  • Luke wanted people to approach him and his business just because he believed so much in what he was doing, so he learned how to magnetize more fans for free.
  • But what made Luke the happiest was when he learned to add apps to his fan page and people started to come to his business organically.



So fellow seeker of success, are you going to be Luke or John?


Are you going to feel the excitement when you have learned to find exactly the right people who are interested in your business?

Are you going to love your work because your fans are so engaged with what you say?

Are you going to watch clients come towards you even when you haven’t paid for advertising?


Furthermore, are you going to prove that you really can do this business thing and feel so worthwhile in yourself?

Are you going to use these opportunities to be able to provide for your family with your own business and make good money so your loved ones can have the lives they deserve?

If you get the right training all this is possible, well actually probable for success can be learned.


Or are you going to be like John, muddle on and hope for the best becoming more and more disheartened?


The truth is my friend the added benefits to your business, your life and even your happiness

can’t be exaggerated here.


When you understand how to use FB to build your business everything will begin to change.

Getting this right is so important for you, every business worth their salt is on Facebook.

The opportunities to experience yourself as a success in your business life can’t be underplayed.


So what are you promising?


For a paltry investment, less than your daily shop, Anna will show you how to build a highly

effective FB strategy for your business. [Link] Her course is called Unlimited Profits With Facebook


Imagine the benefits of watching your business explode into success by understanding

how to use the best platform for business on the planet.


Imagine the time you can spend with your loved ones or doing the things you’ve always wanted

to do once you have your business on autopilot because you have built it on FB.

Or just imagine the time you will save yourself once your marketing runs smoothly.


This is not some ‘silver bullet’ or ‘pie – in- the- sky’ promise of on the spot riches,

you’ll need to commit to mastering this skill set,

you’ll need to practice and practice again,

for as John discovered no-one ever mastered anything by hearing it just once!


Does the course use any tools?



There is an old adage, if you aren’t tracking you’re not marketing …easy isn’t it?


To make your millions on FB you’re gonna have to find a way to measure how effective your FB page is…

and you’re gonna have to have the knowledge and skills to read those measurements.


This is where Anna will help, she will show you how to make your business magical.


Anna introduces you to The Likealyzer tool which is to FB what a Combine Harvester is to farming,

it will transform how your business fares on Facebook.


The Likealyzer shows you how your page is performing and if you know how to interpret it,

you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get your page to build your business.


In a way this tool speaks to you in the language of Facebook.

It allows you to make the best of the amazing opportunities that FB offers!


Well that’s pretty cool





Yep, well I understand what you or saying but who’s Anna Davidson Thawe and why buy her course?


Anna is a Mumpreneur who has been working successfully

Online since 2008.

Anna is a coach and educator and was awarded for being one of the ‘Top 100 Mums in Business’ in 2013.


Jay Singh one of Anna’s former students says:


         ‘Doing Anna’s course is one of the best decisions I ever made for my business…all the skills [she taught]

are really, really powerful if you learn how to plant them…it transformed my business.’


Illene another student said:


         ‘When I started the course I was kind of floundering, I didn’t really know which direction I wanted to take…

         it [the course] was fantastic, I learnt so much about using FB for marketing my business.’


And finally Sophie Mahir said:


         ‘I had lots of the pieces [to the FB jigsaw puzzle] but it didn’t quite fit together but now I have

         a clear strategy of exactly what I need to do…Anna is a really clear teacher and everything was

         broken down into a step by step process.’


Ok got it, how much does it cost then?


Well what would you expect to pay my friend for a course that could change the direction

of your business, £500?

£300 would surely be an excellent investment.


No Anna isn’t charging £500 or even £300, she isn’t even charging £100.


Not even £100 wow, so what is she charging?


I’ll tell you in a minute

But first let me share a little more from Sophie Mahir :


         ‘Having done her course I really now know how to take things forward

         and one of the things I learned was how to use ads to fill my webinars,

         I have had some incredible results doing this…

         What can I say, if you are in any doubt as to whether FB and FB ads could

         work, the answer is you gotta learn with Anna…it means that I can market my business

         effectively through FB as a channel’


and as Anna herself says:


         ‘Believe me I understand the fear of the unknown, and if you have been burnt in the past

         with huge bills for no return, or constant rejection of every advert or boosted post you try

         to set up, then you are in the right place’.


So we are back here again, are you going to be Luke or John?

For the price of just £60 you could transform your life and your business forever

Or you could be like John and just stumble through, losing money hand over fist like an alien

in the strange land of Facebook.


But yes I know you have been burnt by courses before that are either out of date and/or highly ineffective,

I tell you what I am going to do, for a very short time only, I am going to give you the course for just £40.


There is a condition of course, and the condition is that you buy now I only have a limited amount of places left.


So this is the defining time for you my friend

This is where you ask yourself whether you are going to have the respect of your loved ones


stay stuck in John’s world never really effectively moving your life, self-respect and business forward.


Is your business success one of your highest priorities which defines how happy and successful your life is,

or is it merely a hobby?


So time to decide, time to transform your life and your business forever.


Only £27 and this incredible training is yours right away HERE


£27? I thought you said £40


Umm, I did, well it’s done now, can’t go back on my word

For the next few days £27 it is


Just one more question sir


Are Luke and John their real names?


Mark my words Matthew, their names are Luke and John, it’s the gospel truth.


So time to get started

Click the link here to buy this incredible course at only £27 and we’ll see you on the other side


Best Regards


PS Don’t leave this more than a few days, the link will be coming down.